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Boca Raton, FL area can really make your AC units work harder than they should. For six months in a year, they work incessantly, sometimes even more. Even though the latest models have been designed to work longer than the old ones, no product will last forever and at some point will require repair or replacement. An average lifespan of an air conditioner is up to 15 years, which can be reduced if the unit is overused or is exposed to destructive contaminants. However, you can extend the life of your HVACs with regular maintenance service.

By ignoring the maintenance of your units, you can rest assured that they will not survive for even the expected lifetime of 10 years. You may think that why go through the extra trouble of upkeep costs when you can perform repairs when needed? The best way to answer this question is by telling you that you will be axing your own feet. Replacing air conditioning units is not only a lengthy process but also an expensive one. Sometimes your units can pick up from where they left off by performing simple repairs. This is why you need to speak to professionals from Boca Raton AC tech who will guide you best.

We are a trusted AC service company doing business in Boca Raton, FL for more than 20 years. We serve commercial and residential clients, helping them keep their units up and running for as long as they possibly can. Reach out to us today on 561-299-1887!

Why most people ignore maintenance?

Maintenance is necessary, no matter what anyone says. Most people you go to for opinion are novices, just like you. They don't understand the importance of upkeep and often worry about the costs associated with maintenance checks. It is this reason many people wait until the unit stops working altogether or starts showing signs of breakdown. At this point, incurring the cost of repair becomes necessity and could be a lot more than paying for regular maintenance checks. You may have to get the unit replaced, which could have been fixed if the problem was diagnosed in time.

Benefits of AC maintenance:

When you use your air conditioner for long, the components will exhaust faster and eventually stop working. It cooling ability may get compromised or the unit may become noisy with the need for frequent repairs. However, by treating your unit with regular maintenance will ensure it stays in top condition.

Here are a few benefits of opting for maintenance:

  • Boca Raton AC tech Boca Raton, FL 561-299-1887Many your system work longer
  • Reduce your utility bills by saving energy
  • Noiseless operation
  • Efficient cooling
  • Reduce the chance of unexpected failures
  • Reduced expenditures on repair
  • Environment-friendly
  • Pocket-friendly in the long run

Regular tune-ups are a must:

We highly recommend that you take up our regular maintenance check service. Even though most people believe just one check throughout the year is going to be enough, it is not. The dramatic climate of Boca Raton, FL puts a lot of pressure on your HVAC unit that makes it necessary to get the system checked at least twice a year. During the maintenance checks, our experts will check for refrigerant leaks, clean up the filters, analyze potential issues, evaluate compressor/condenser performance and carry out all necessary repairs within the prearranged schedule, and that too at a nominal cost.

Call Boca Raton AC tech on 561-299-1887 if your AC maintenance service has been long overdue.