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Thousands of years ago, what is now the Palm Beach County was inhabited by Native Americans, who soon were wiped out of existence when the population took a blow in the 18th century due to warfare and infiltration of new diseases from Europe. Where that chapter closed, a new one began in 1892 when Henry Flagler visited the region and purchased land with a vision to transform it into a veritable paradise – and so he did. Soon, the region grew, and more and more people began pouring in from all parts of the country to escape into its warm, peaceful and serene aura. But there was just one problem; the summers!

Palm Beach County, although revered for its warm weather, is notorious for its hot summers that can make life in the region highly uncomfortable. This alone stopped the influx of settlers, however, soon, the advent of air conditioners re-started the growth, and the economy flourished. Today, the County boasts of a million-strong population; a feat that might never have been achieved had it not been for air conditioners!

ACs: Making Palm Beach livable

While the hot summers in Palm Beach are a small price to pay for its swaying palm trees, sparkling beaches, eclectic mix of cultures, cuisine, sunny weather, golden beaches and clear skies, thankfully, you don’t have to endure them due to the prevalence of air conditioners. Today, nearly every home and commercial establishment has an air conditioner installed and the market is only coming up with better and newer variants every day. If you’re a resident of Palm Beach County, then you must know how important air conditioners are and how choosing the right AC service partner holds still greater importance.

What if you come home one day to a faulty AC or find that your AC is emitting loud noises? What if you’re in need of urgent installation services? Or are in need of recommendations on choosing the right AC? For all your air conditioner needs, know that you can count on Boca Raton AC tech for services!

Our role in Palm Beach:

In a region that’s as heavily dependent on air conditioners as Palm Beach County, we’ve worked extra hard to make sure every resident gets the cool and comfort they need. For the past two decades, we at Boca Raton AC tech, have worked relentlessly to deliver outstanding AC services to clients, and have always excelled at rendering superior workmanship, while ensuring low and honest prices. It’s our timeliness, commitment to customer service and our affordability that has made us the go-to AC service company in the area.

We’re the best because:

  • We provide reliable services you can afford
  • We provide 24-hour service
  • We’ll reach you within 30-minutes of calling 561-299-1887
  • We’re the comprehensive solution provider
  • We provide accurate estimates and transparent pricing
  • We own state-of-the-art infrastructure
  • We’ve partnered with top AC brands

You can avail our services in the following cities:

Boca Raton

What we offer?

  • Boca Raton AC tech Boca Raton, FL 561-299-1887AC installation and replacement services
  • Emergency installation/repairs
  • Fixing all types of AC problems
  • Providing flexible maintenance contracts
  • Air quality improvement measures
  • Regular clean up and filter change
  • Refrigerant leak detection and fix
  • Commercial HVAC installation
  • Condenser/compressor repairs
  • New construction duct work layout
  • Centralized AC installation/repair
  • Mini-split ductless AC installation/repair
  • Refrigerant refill
  • Recommendations on choosing the right AC

And more

If you’re looking for an AC service company you can rely on in Palm Beach County, then you won’t go wrong with choosing Boca Raton AC tech. We’re the best in the region! Reach out to us on 561-299-1887!