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Just imagine going to work on a hot and humid summer day, only to find that the air conditioning at work has broken down. Can you work 8-hours in your office, suffocating due to sweltering heat? The commotion at work will be unimaginable! The thought itself is a nightmare as you waste productive hours in trying to control the situation that seems to be getting out of hand with every passing minute.

This is when you should call Boca Raton AC tech for assistance. We are a leading AC service company in Boca Raton, FL, specializing in commercial spaces. We have a team of trained professionals who can handle even the most complex HVAC units installed in office space. We work 24/7 to meet the global business environment of our clients. So whenever you find yourself in a sticky situation, figuratively and literally, just give us a call on 561-299-1887 and we will send our best men for your assistance.

We know commercial AC systems, in and out

Commercial AC units are far more complicated than the ones installed at home. They are extremely costly and troublesome, if not maintained from time to time. Its intricate workings can easily confuse an inexperienced technician. However, we at Boca Raton AC tech, are skilled experts who understand your complicated systems like the back of our hands. All our technicians have wealth of experience and training to tackle all kinds of problems associated with your AC units.

Our technicians can:

Repairs: Even with regular maintenance, there is a possibility that your HVAC may stop working unexpectedly. Rather than buying a new one, you can call us and have our experts take a look. We will be able to fix the issue and bring it back to its normal working condition.

Find the perfect HVAC: Never willy-nilly buy a commercial HVAC unit for your office without the guidance of an expert. Our technicians will work closely with you to understand your requirements and determine your needs accordingly.

Installation: We are aware that the systems are complex enough to require nothing but proficient technicians. Our experts are adept at handling the system with utmost efficiency. We also make your system work optimally to reduce operational and upkeep expenditures.

Maintenance: Regular maintenance is the key to increase the life of your HVACs. This will prevent unexpected breakdowns and protect you against replacement costs. Our technicians will check your systems regularly for early diagnosis of the problem and fix any issues that may crop-up as a result.

Being there for you, 24/7

We work 24/7 because we understand that you are working in a business environment that caters to different time zones. Your office is operational round-the-clock, hence there is no reason for us to not work too! What if your air conditioner stops working at night? Can you really think of sitting through your shift without air conditioning? This is where we step in! We are operational 24/7 so that you have access to expert help whenever you need it. You can call Boca Raton AC tech to report an emergency or even request us for installation services overnight to keep your work day fully productive.

Need a reliable AC service provider in Boca Raton, FL? Call us on 561-299-1887 right away.